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north bank fred

Hopping freights for almost 30 years left an indelible impression on me (and my clothes) and the advent of the Internet prompted the creation of Fred's Website (, which went on to become the premier source of online information for freighthopping, hoboes, and boxcar art.

More recent railroad-related interests of mine are channeled through the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture (, which preserves and promotes railroad culture by documenting and furthering the art, music, literature, community, and work of those who, historically and in modern times, travel or work on the railroads of North America.

Stories that take you to faraway places... stories that thrill you with fantastic adventures... stories that evoke such powerful emotions that you don't know whether to laugh or cry... nope, nothing like that here, just various experiences of mine both on and off the rails (and in and out of reality) at the hallowed location known only as Schnerdpress (

Currently I maintain a site devoted to trails and hikes in Northern California's Castle Crags State Park ( and surrounding areas of Siskiyou County, California, where I post a journal of my travels at the beginning of each month.

The photos on my home page are infrared, and my online content is made possible by Arca-Swiss, Autopano Pro, Homesite, Manfrotto, Nikon, Paint Shop Pro, Photomatix Pro, Photoshop, Really Right Stuff, Singh-Ray, Vello, Vuescan, WhiBal Reference Cards, and Zerene Stacker. Direct comments and criticisms to "".